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Find the Portfolio That's Right For You — It's Fun and Easy
EMAP offers more than 60 portfolio models. Use the fun and interactive Edelman Guide to Portfolio Selection® to find the one that's right for you.
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Ric's Latest Book

Ric Edelman's Latest Book Truth About Money Award winning financial advisor, Ric Edelman, has just released the 4th edition of The Truth About Money, a practical "how-to" manual on financial planning.
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Now, You Can Get the Same Advantages and Benefits Enjoyed by Institutional Investors

The Edelman Managed Asset Program® gives you all these features:

  • A truly long-term investment approach
  • Asset allocation models featuring as many as 19 separate asset classes and market sectors, based on your specific goals and objectives
  • Security selection that is market-based, not manager-based
  • Daily rebalancing review
  • Freedom from the questionable business practices that plague the retail mutual fund industry
  • No commissions, trading expenses, or brokerage costs. Instead, just one low annual fee that is fully disclosed and completely transparent

Just like institutional investors, EMAP is founded on the premise that solid science -- backed by decades of academic research -- offers the smartest approach to investing.

If you own retail mutual funds you owe it to yourself to consider the Edelman Management Asset Program®

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