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Ric Edelman's Latest Book Truth About Money Award winning financial advisor, Ric Edelman, has just released the 4th edition of The Truth About Money, a practical "how-to" manual on financial planning.
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Are Asset Management Fees Tax-Deductible?
The question is simple. Thanks to the tax code, the answer is complex. Find out why »

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You've probably come across those who tell you to pick between "conservative", "moderate" or "aggressive" -- as if all investors can be lumped into just three categories. EMAP is different. We offer more than 60 model portfolios. But which one is right for you?

Use the Edelman Guide to Portfolio Selection®

When you answer the Guide's easy questions about your investment experience, suitability, risk tolerance, and more, we'll match you with the EMAP portfolio that's right for you, one that's based on time-tested, proven investment principles and backed by decades of academic research. And by investing your money in the Edelman Managed Asset Program®, you'll enjoy a streamlined and cost-effective investment management solution.

Begin the EMAP Guide to Portfolio Selection now:

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If you prefer, talk with an Edelman advisor who will help you put this powerful program to work for you. So begin with the Guide now, call 888-PLAN-RIC to talk with one of our advisors, or email an Edelman Financial advisor now.