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EMAP clients pay no commissions, trading costs, brokerage fees or other administrative charges. Instead, EMAP features a single annual fee, calculated and debited quarterly from your EMAP account. It appears directly on your statement.

The annual fee schedule is shown below:

First $150,000 2.00%
Next $250,000 1.65%
Next $350,000 1.25%
Next $250,000 1.00%
Next $2 million 0.75%
Next $7 million 0.60%
Next $15 million 0.50%
Amounts above $25 million are negotiable

Thanks to EMAP's economies of scale, the higher your account value, the lower the rate.

See what Americans across the country are discovering. See how EMAP can help you achieve your goals. Begin the EMAP Guide to Portfolio Selection® now. If you prefer, talk with an Edelman advisor who will help you put this powerful program to work for you. Just call us at 888-PLAN-RIC (888-752-6742) or e-mail an Edelman Financial advisor now.