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Scandal Hits the Retail Mutual Fund Industry

In October 2003, massive scandal hit the retail mutual fund industry. Since then, dozens of big-name retail mutual fund companies and brokerage firms have been implicated in the scandal, involving deceptive sales practices and downright illegal business activities. Federal and state regulators have levied more than $5 billion in fines; dozens of executives have been barred from the industry, and many are in prison.

Still, many of these business practices persist. As a result, consumers who own retail mutual funds are incurring greater risks, paying higher fees and suffering lower returns than they should -- placing their financial future in jeopardy.

When the scandal was first revealed, Ric and his colleagues at Edelman Financial realized they needed an alternative -- for themselves as well as their clients. Unable to find an acceptable solution, they created their own, now known as EMAP, the Edelman Managed Asset Program®. Based on the latest academic research, EMAP leaves retail mutual funds behind in favor of institutional-class mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, providing you one of the most advanced money management strategy available today.

Ric and all the advisors of Edelman Financial are so convinced of the power of EMAP that they invest their own money in it, side by side with their clients. This is very different from typical financial advisors, who don't personally own what they recommend to clients. If you own retail mutual funds or have been dealing with ordinary stockbrokers, financial planners or insurance agents, you owe it to yourself to consider the Edelman Managed Asset Program®.

Leave Retail Funds Behind -- Seize the Power of Institutional Investing

Everyone knows that big institutions have investment advantages not available to the everyday investor. You know you'd be better off investing alongside powerful pension funds, but institutional investing typically requires huge amounts of money -- typically $20 million or more. That's why ordinary consumers can't buy the outstanding investments that institutions use. You can't even get them from the big brokerage firms.

But now, these institutional mutual funds are available to you through EMAP, without you having to invest millions. EMAP gives you access to the same institutional shares used by many of the nation's biggest pension funds, endowments and institutional investors. It also diversifies your portfolio with exchange-traded funds, one of the fastest-growing segments of the investment world, which offer remarkably low cost and access to even more asset classes and market sectors.

As a client of Edelman Financial, you'll enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to diversify your money like big investors do -- and reap the same rewards. Let Edelman give you a powerful one-two punch to your diversified portfolio through a dynamic mix of institutional shares and ETFs.

See what Americans across the country are discovering. See how EMAP can help you achieve your goals. Begin the EMAP Guide to Portfolio Selection® now. If you prefer, talk with an Edelman advisor who will help you put this powerful program to work for you. Just call us at 888-PLAN-RIC (888-752-6742) or e-mail an Edelman Financial advisor now.